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Financial research software to help you stay on top of changes in interest rate and inflation curves.

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Simple Interface
All your market data needs, in one easy to use app.
Team wide access
So no one analyst is stuck with pulling data and sharing it with the team.
Data all the time, from anywhere
All you can eat data, all the time. Accessible from any browser, from home or your office.

Our Services

A complete toolkit for financing teams.

Interest Rate Curves

With curves from across the globe, you’ll save time searching when you’re up against a deadline.

Inflation Curves

Inflation data helps give you a health check on any country with curves giving you.

Swap Pricing

Get a live swap rate that matches your debt structure

Mark to Markets

Value your derivatives and save them in a simple dashboard.

FX Forward Pricing

Get the forward rate applicable for a future foreign currency flow.

Cross-Currency Swap Pricing

Estimate the equivelant fixed rate in one currency when borrowing in another.

Corp & Sov Bond Yields

Track bond market trends, yield changes along with credit ratings.

iBoxx Spreads

Credit market trends provided with up-to-date iBoxx spreads.


All your data, in one single dashboard.

Save even more time by getting your iBoxx data directly in BlueGamma, removing the need to switch platforms.

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Use Cases

Get data in a format that fits into your specific workflow, saving you time.

For IPPs

Estimate your cost of debt with our swap pricing instantly.

For Financial Advisors

Ensure your clients benefit from the most up-to-date assumptions powering the business case.

For Investment Funds

Pull macro data for your quarterly valuations in seconds.

For Private Credit & Debt Funds

Download forward curves critical for pricing assumptions repeatedly.

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

Director, Financial Advisor, London

"BlueGamma aggregates our essential data needs into a simple dashboard, helping us keep our clients well-informed."

Managing Director, Fund, London

"Offers comprehensive data which is crucial for me and my team. BlueGamma nails the essentials in a way that everyone can use the platform."

Analyst, Fund, London

"Updating models has become so much easier with BlueGamma."

Vice President, IPP, Paris

"The swap pricing capabilities of BlueGamma has helped build our understanding of the financing landscape."

Global Interest Rate Coverage

Access interest rates and inflation rates for countries across the globe, from the comfort of your seat.