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Our platform helps investors, developers and their advisors understand their funding costs for renewable energy projects.

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The image showcases a comprehensive display of swap rates, capturing the historical and current rates across various significant countries. This include EURIBOR, SOFR, SONIA and more. The visual depicts a grid-like arrangement, presenting a collection of numerical data organized in rows and columns.

We make financial market and derivatives data on-demand and accessible for anyone in debt financing, helping firms monitor and manage their financial risk better.

Access instant swap rates, discount factors, inflation forecasts (and more), without the need for slow & expensive financial advisors or banks.

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The logo of Green Giraffe, a financial advisory firm focused on project finance.A logo for DC Advisory, formerly known as Close Brothers Corporate Finance, is a leading global investment banking firm that provides strategic and financial advice to businesses and investors. The company specializes in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), debt and equity capital raising, restructuring, and other corporate finance services. A logo for Lightsource BP, a renewable energy company specializing in the development, financing, and management of solar energy projects. It is a joint venture between Lightsource Renewable Energy and BP, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies. A logo for FINERGREEN, an independent financial advisory boutique with the ambition to provide high-quality services in the energy transition and sustainable development fields.

Our Value Add

Clarity from Complexity

We simplify the complex world of derivatives, bringing you precise data for better financial analysis.

Ease of Use

Monitor market movements with colleagues to identify risk exposure early and stay ahead of the game.

Maximise your Returns

Expert insights and powerful analytics at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional financial advisors.

A screenshot of an interest rate forward curve.

Confidence Interval Insights

Proactively monitor forward curves and confidence intervals to navigate the ever-changing world of interest rates like a pro.

The image captures a visual representation of the forwards curves for the primary countries. It presents a graph-like structure displaying the movement of forward rates over time. This includes EURIBOR, SOFR, SONIA, LIBOR and other forward cuves.
A screenshot of BlueGamma's hedge pricing tool for renewable energy project finance.

Price Discovery in Seconds

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    Swap Rate Pricing

    Gives you the transparency you need to get comfortable with the inputs to your financial model.

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    Refinancing Analysis

    When refinancing your debt, our analytics tool helps you better understand your options and related costs.

The image displays a tool designed to assist users in calculating their hedging requirements and estimating the mark-to-market values of their renewable energy projects.