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The image showcases a comprehensive display of swap rates, capturing the historical and current rates across various significant countries. This include EURIBOR, SOFR, SONIA and more. The visual depicts a grid-like arrangement, presenting a collection of numerical data organized in rows and columns.

Our EURIBOR, SONIA and SOFR forward curves allow financing teams to accurately estimate their funding costs in seconds

Calculate swap rates, discount factors, FX rates, mark-to-markets, inflation forecasts (and more) on our user-friendly platform

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Market data is hard to find and difficult to clean. We automate that process, making it super simple

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Download Forward Curves in Seconds

Download forward curves directly to Excel from anywhere, anytime

Visualise confidence intervals to size expected volatility for financial close in the future

Join over 350+ other financial modellers, investment managers and directors with instant access to macro and financing assumptions.

The image captures a visual representation of the forwards curves for the primary countries. It presents a graph-like structure displaying the movement of forward rates over time. This includes EURIBOR, SOFR, SONIA, LIBOR and other forward cuves.

Price Swaps in Minutes

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    Amortising swap pricing

    Price an interest rate swap even if you’ve never priced one before

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    Mark to market estimates

    Calculate your mark to market and swap novation cost instantly.

The image displays a tool designed to assist users in calculating their hedging requirements and estimating the mark-to-market values of their renewable energy projects.